Helping Investors Make Informed Investment Decisions

In the 1990s here in Singapore, the talk on the street was to invest in the stock market because of the free Singapore Telecoms shares everyone received from the government. It was an exciting time -- everyone could participate in capitalism, and every investment seemed to make money. 

Unfortunately, therein lies the issue of investor education -- people based their investments on what they heard their relative who's a broker said, or some insider information floating around at the nearby cafe. 

It was then (1995), we saw the need for unbiased fundamental research that was suited for an untrained investor -- good enough information to help them make an informed investment decision. No one believed in us initially, until the Asian Financial Crisis, where many lost lots of money and the frenzy drove people to get educated through media such as Shares Investment.

From the thousands of investors we journeyed with to nearly 200,000 investors every month today.