And that's just the community we reach out to (based on an average betting of S$100 each race-day).

Yes, we probably don't think too much about the horse-racing industry thinking that it's a taboo or that the market is too small for consideration. But with races run/broadcasted in 4 out of 7 days weekly and 1 in 2 betting S$100 each time -- this is not a small industry to be neglected. 

The Singapore Turf Club’s continuous effort to reach out to the PMEBs and the ultra-high-net-worth individuals has led to luxurious events such as the recent China Equine Cultural Festival held on 21 and 22 February 2015. It was the richest race Singapore held — with a S$3,050,000 CECF Singapore Cup for the winner, drawing the rich and famous from China and Singapore. Such events represent a very niche affluent audience and community that the horse-racing sport reaches out to.