More than 10,000 Affluent Investors/Traders Every Day

Through our websites, mobile apps, social media and newsletters, we reach out to more than 10,000 affluent investors/traders every single day. Every day, fresh content and data is uploaded for our users -- pushing what matters to them through customised newsletters, or making the digital user experience efficient through our mobile apps and mobile-optimised websites when they visit us. Our goal? To empower each member of our community with useful information in their investment journey. 

Trusted Content Providers


Earning the trust in the industry, we also earned the trust of our peers such as Yahoo Finance (Singapore) and Singtel Newsloop, as being one of their key content providers. We've also worked with numerous partners, such as Bursa Malaysia (The Malaysia Stock Exchange) to build content to engage the investor community here in Singapore.




Region Investor Community

And the exciting thing is that we've seen our content read beyond just Singapore, with our Malaysian friends accounting for more than 20% of our traffic, and China/Greater China taking up another 10% of our digital reach. Our value-add to the investors -- unbiased trustable research in both English and Chinese.

 The darker blue signifies greater traffic concentration. Source: Google Analytics.

The darker blue signifies greater traffic concentration. Source: Google Analytics.

Thought Leaders from Around Asia

And our greatest privilege has been to work with thought leaders from around the region -- China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Malaysia and Singapore, who both write and engage our communities through events and workshops. These include Dr Chan Yan Chong, Louis Wong, Hu Li Yang, Jim Rogers, DAR Wong, Kevin Gin, and many others.